Why Cookie Dough Fundraising Events Are Popular

There is nothing like the taste of a fresh cookie in your mouth as it melts into nothing. This is why frozen cookie dough fundraising events have become so popular as our lives get busier.

A cookie dough fundraising event usually consists of an organization selling the product through brochures and is often packaged in reusable containers and will be provided in several different varieties of flavors. What you then do is take the brochures to your customers (friends and family etc.) and then take their orders and collect their payments for their dough upfront. Then on a particular date that has been arranged you collect the orders from the people taking the brochures out and submit the order and make the payment to the cookie dough company. Then a few weeks after the orders have been placed the dough will arrive and you will be able to deliver or get your customers to pick it up from you.

What is particularly about this type of fundraising and why more and more people are using this method is that it requires little or no out of pocket expense from the organization that are trying to raise funds. It also means in most cases that they are able to keep the profits they have earned from the sales straight away. Such fundraisers will often earn the organization between 30-60% profit against the base price that they actually pay for the cookie dough. Also many of the cookie dough companies provide you with the sales tools that you will need so often there is very little that you will have to pay out yourself.
Also there are other reasons as to why cookie http://www.mjstreet.net dough fundraising is gaining in popularity.

1. The dough is highly consumable and so this allows you to have repeat fundraising events.

2. Any cookie dough sales will not normally require the organization to pay anything upfront to the cookie dough company.

3. As they are a popular baking item, this type of fundraiser is especially good for organizing around the holiday season such as Christmas or Easter.

4. The profit from any sales made by you when doing a cookie dough fundraising event are often immediately available to you.

But unfortunately there are downsides to this type of fundraising activity as well.

1. You will need somewhere that the frozen dough can be stored prior to it being delivered or collected by the customers.

2. Also not all companies will offer the dough as being “pre-sliced” which is you will find is offered by most cookie dough’s available at your local retail store.

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