What Makes a Youth Coach “Great”?

That is a question I get asked quite a bit. I also am a little perplexed when someone that is a poor coach by most definitions is called a “good coach”.

Before we can determine if a coach is “good” or not, we first have to determine what the goals of a youth football coach should be. The goals should include both football skills goals and character building goals. Too many programs go to the extreme on either. The “win at all costs” coach that cares little about integrity or playing time is just as damaging as the coach that is disorganized and has no clue about what he is doing but is the nicest guy and lets all the kids play the same amount.

The goal of the youth coach should be to teach the basics in a safe and technically sound manner. He should be organized and confident in his approach and skills. He should make the practices and games fun to the point that the kids look forward to both. The coach should realize and respect his own position and lead by example showing the highest possible standards of integrity and sportsmanship. He should coach the kids up to their legitimate ability to compete while ensuring all players that meet minimum behavior and attendance standards play at least some each game and feel part of the team.

So should youth coaches be judged based on win/loss records?

Partly but not solely. Teams should play up to their God given potential, but we can’t ignore all the other factors that the coach should be judged on. If a coach is losing most of his games year after year after year, something is wrong. I personally know one coach that has coached in three different organizations in the last 4 years, and has a 4-40 record. Is it possible that he had the worst team in the League by chance with 3 different organizations? Doubtful.

The same is often true of good coaches, are they just lucky every year? Doubtful. My first coaching position was in a blind draft league. All we had to go on for our selection process was the kids age and weight. So over time the teams are going to be pretty even size and talent wise, since we all have the same number of kids. Well in the 5 years that I was in the KWAA League in Omaha Nebraska, the Dolphins won 6 League Titles (2 age groups). Out of 20 teams the Dolphins won 60% of the League Titles. The only time they didn’t win was the two times my teams were the best because of overwhelming talent and the other time was when the entire coaching staff turned over. Yes, they went from 1st place to last place after the coaches moved on in my final year in that League and before I ราคาไหล ufabet went to the Single Wing. Youth football is much more than who has the Jimmys and Joes, it has much to do about coaching, X’s and O’s. If it was all about Jimmys and Joes, why bother having coaches at all, just let the kids go out there and call their own plays. Or better yet, it’s all about Jimmies and Joes, if you could choose between a soccer mom and Tom Osborne coaching your kids youth football team who would do a better job?

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