The Need for Young Children to Own Books

Singing Stimula

How did we learn first the ABC’s and 123’s? Where did we first hear about our eyes, ears, mouth and nose? How did we know a cow says “moo” and the duck says “quack”? All these were introduced to us by our parents through silly songs since we were babies. We easily learn about our world and about ourselves through singing. That’s why singing is important in every child’s intellectual, social and emotional development.

When we sing to our kids, we help them develop their listening skills and expand their vocabulary. They associate words with tunes through rhymes. And through the repetition of words in the nursery rhymes, our kids stimulate their brain. Singing involves complex brain activity, coordinating the lyrics with the tunes and actions. Nursery rhymes do not only widen their vocabulary, but they also help kids speak clearly with great ease, tell long stories without effort, and count with confidence.

Singing is a great way to teach our kids about themselves and about our world. Songs appeal more to them and catches their attention instantly rather than plain abc kids conversation. They delight to hear the silly rhymes while unconsciously learning the alphabet, the numbers, the shapes, their body parts, the animals, and a lot more.

When we sing together with our kids, we let them feel a sense of belongingness. We help them to feel calm during frustrating and frightening moments. We lull them to sleep. We bring excitement when they are grumpy and sad and bored. And while they are in the world of songs, they learn to express their feelings, they foster their imagination, thus leaving them a sense of self-worth and confidence which are essential for their success in the years ahead.

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