Phen375 – The Answer To Weight Loss Woes

A few years ago a drug called Phentemine became very popular with dietitians and medical practitioners for its weight loss properties. Only available on prescription, it was recommended for patients that were suffering from clinical obesity and those whose weight adversely affected or potentially affected their health and needed to lose some excess fat. Since this discovery many people have wanted to be able to access Phentemine to help them in their weight loss struggles.

As previously stated, Phentemine is only available on prescription however a dietary supplement called Phen375 is available which is able to be purchased over the counter. Phen375 works much the same as Phentemine in that it works to suppress the appetite, increases the metabolic rate to burn off a larger amount of calories and contains a fat binder to inhibit the absorption of excess fats in the diet.

The governing body of these types of supplements is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and their task is to asses every supplements safety for human consumption. Phen375 has the FDA certificate of approval. Initially, Phentemine was prescribed for use with clinically obese patients however the term was soon shortened to simply ‘Phen’ over a decade ago. Then in 1998 two compounds called fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine were removed altogether from Phen making it just pure Phentemine. Phen375 hit the marketplace in 2009 which consists of Phentermine and other natural ingredients, making it one of the most popular dietary supplements for weight loss to date.

The Phen375 finished product that can be enjoyed today by anyoneotc phentermine alternatives wishing to get to grips with weight loss is made up of several ingredients which all work in synergy with each other to maximize safe and effective weight loss.

The main ingredients are as follows and have all been approved by the FDA:

L-Carnitine – this has the effect of helping to break down unwanted and stubborn fat

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