Liverpool Football Club – Chinese Buyout

There has been wild speculation over the future ownership of Liverpool Football Club, most notably prospective buyout by Chinese businessman Kenneth Huang. He was first linked to the club in 2008 but was put off by the 650m valuation; the club is currently valued at 350m.

As chairman of Hong Kong based QSL Sports Group, Huang has the financial backing of a wealthy investment fund behind him. The move could see an end to Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr’s controversial ownership of the club.

Due to their 237m debt, the owners are obliged by their bank to listen to any offers they receive. Although Huang has offered to buy the debt from RBS in order to seal the deal, the owners have told RBS that they are in negotiations with former football international and Syrian Businessman Yahra Kirdi, this is expected to be an attempt to prise more money from the Chinese.

The current offer would see Hicks and Gillett make no profit from the sale of the club which they bought in 2007 for 218.9m, they are reportedly hoping for an offer in the region of600m.

Roy Hodgson, the clubs recently appointed manager has explained that the uncertainty of the club needs to be resolved before it is too late to bring in new players before the transfer window. If there is no successful buyout, RBS may request a percentage of their loan and potentially push the club into administration.

Huang’s bid has been surrounded by controversy as he is said to be backed ทางเข้า ufabet by the Chinese government. However this makes perfect sense due to the club’s popularity in the China and the readily available capital.

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