How to Pronounce The Name of These Luxury Watch Brands

Purchasing a watch could be simple yet articulating the brand’s name appears to be a piece troublesome. Whenever you purchase a watch, you should know how to articulate it. You ought to be exactly clear with your articulation while articulating the name of these extravagance watch brand’s name. Articulating the names of the brands is very easier than you suspect.

Label Heuer-(label hoy-er)

The Swiss brand is notable for advancement, execution and accuracy. It passed enthusiasm and glory on through their shocking manifestations. The brand has as of late sent off a ultra present day savvy – TAG Heuer Connected.

Longines-(yard zheen)

Notable for ‘Pilot’ scope of watches, this brand leads smart bracelet manufacturers the watch making industry with the most rich watches. A Switzerland-based organization was established in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz. Aishwariya Rai Bachchan really advanced the brand’s DNA – “Class is an Attitude”.


Positioned as sixth most lofty adornments brand, Piaget has been one of the most established watch creators since twentieth 100 years. The name is essentially as intriguing as the assortment of watches. With the selective plans and fantastic watches, the brand was one of the first to send off world’s most slender hand-wound mechanical watch.


The brand has its own line of pocket watches and women watches. Established by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, the brand has a flawless assortment of watches that certainly fall into your list of things to get.

Jaquet Droz (Jack-we-dRoz)

The soul of development really reflects in the Jaquet Droz assortment of watches. Established by Pierre Jaquet-Droz, the organization makes incredibly popular watch systems. The watches are notable for their shrewd qualities and radiant dials that upgrade the character of the wearer.

Bvlgari – (Bull-gar-ee)

A brand claims looks as well as has their hands on gems, extras, aromas and inns. The brand produces profoundly convoluted instrument and creates types parts. It is notable for making mathematical watches.

Tissot – (Tee-soh)

Tissot has been the authority watch of sports. The variety of its assortment is established in its solid Swiss legacy. The assortment talks the tastefulness that is portrayed in every watch. The marvelousness of the watches is only brilliant and striking. Arisen with another series of biker’s assortment named as ‘Moto GP’, the watch has become one of the most #1 of the bikers everywhere.

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