Excitement With The NFL Draft 2006

It is time once again to hold the NFL draft and pick college athletes that wanสมัครเว็บ ufabett to go into the professional football league. Each year, hundreds of hopefuls meet to show sports scouts what they can offer to a pro ball team about ten weeks before the actual draft takes place. They are tested, not only by their ability to play ball, but are also given a personality test and an intelligence test. While these tests are not the most important, players this year like Vince Young, a potential new quarterback, who might not have scored as high as people hoped, might not be drafted. There is some speculation as to why he was permitted to retake the test. It was blamed on a test marker’s error, but some feel he was given a second chance. This is only one of the many exciting events going on in the weeks before the NFL draft.

The official draft of 2006 will be held in ten weeks. This means the players need to show off as much as possible in front of sports agents and scouts who will decide their fate. Other players in the running for a quarterback position are Jay Cutler and Michael Huff. They are the favorites at the moment. There is a great amount of tension in the weeks leading up the announcements. Many people play football for the chance to go pro. While there are many hopefuls, only a select few will go on to earn big paychecks and get their shot at the Super Bowl.

Being drafted does not only mean playing pro ball, but also means endorsement packages which could make a person a lot of money. Once a player has turned pro, they are often offered commercials or even movie or two. Not all players in the NFL are offered endorsements, only players that audiences identity with and admire. However, all players aspire to make that extra cash. So, when draft time comes around, you can be sure what will be on the minds of those hopefuls.

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