Don’t Go In The Water Without Being Equipped With A Quality Dive Watch

Beneath the ocean or seawater lies a whole new world. Brilliantly colored fishes, plants, and additional creatures can bring divers to a new realm. With this in mind, it is easy to forget that it is imperative to check gauges, depths, and directions regularly. Here is where scuba diving watches become all important tools.

It is easy to forget time while underwater. This can be troublesome as your oxygen is limited, usually to an hour or two tops. One of the greatest inventions has to be scuba diving watches. These handy devices can help keep you informed to your surroundings, depths, and many come with an alarm that cannot be missed. Scuba diving watches often come with temperature gauges, depth readings, compasses, timers, ascent rate alarms, calendars, decompression alarms, and more. Each of these functions can help an active diver avoid the dangers that can escape you while you are gazing at an ocean or sea’s beauty.

Citizen, Invicta, Luminox, Seiko, and Suunto happen to hold the watch gt 3 pro top seven positions for best selling diving watches. Their stylish appearance suits each brand name, but the range of functions is what sets them apart as the creme de la creme. These watches are amazing!

Citizen has two contenders in the top seven. The Promaster Aqualand’s stainless steel construction makes this a classy choice. The Eco-Drive is the company’s titanium offering. Both watches feature storage for diving depths, current water temperature, present depth, ascent rate alarms, and are water resistant to 660 feet.

Invicta’s Pro Diver Automatic is another stainless steel option. Waterproof to 660 feet, it is one of the better selections for more adventurous divers. Invicta’s Pro Diver requires no batteries, has an anti-scratch watch face, and has luminescent watch hands. The screened markers ensure you will not get lost.

Luminox’s Navy Seal Dive Watch is the most popular scuba diving watch brand chosen by the United States Navy. This watch offers many top features including compass, diving depths, date, and time.

Seiko offers the Dive Collection watch. With up to 650 feet of water resistance, glowing hands, stainless steel construction, a depth gauge, and luminescent date display, the Dive Collection watch is a stunning and functional selection.

Suunto also offers two watches. The Mosquito Pro Dive has a resin band, calendar, alarms, and digital displays. This watch only offers a little over 325 feet of waterproof protection, however, so it may not be suitable for deeper dives. The D6 are computerized scuba diving watches that offer excellent storage for diving records, decompression rates, and a built in compass keeps you from getting lost.

Ultimately, the watch you select should be one that fits your needs. Compare features on scuba diving watches to ensure you select a watch that meets or exceeds your qualifications.

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